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Summer for 'On Beauty' - in theaters and in the news

Highlights from an event-filled summer for Joanna Rudnick's new award-winning documentary short as it was released in theaters.


  1. It was an exciting summer for the "On Beauty" team with screenings in multiple cities including Chicago, LA, NYC and DC.
  2. The trailer has more than 100k views while the film and movement have inspired organizations and individuals alike, garnering mass media attention for the work of activist photographer Rick Guidotti and the film's message of seeing the beauty in difference.
  3. "On Beauty" kicked off the summer at the female filmmakers night during the Midwest Independent Film Festival where reviewer Matt Fagerholm called the film "a masterful example of how cinema can serve as a humanizing force in the world."
  4. "On Beauty" and photographer Rick Guidotti were also part of the annual conferences for three of the film's partner organizations: Sturge-Weber Foundation, Chromosome 18 Registry and Marfan Foundation.
  5. The summer also marked the film's theatrical premiere that began in Los Angeles on July 24 and in New York City on July 31.
  6. The film received overwhelming positive exposure from dozens of publications around the world that highlighted the filmmakers, film's stars and movement.
  7. Just days before the LA opening, The Daily Mail UK featured the film's trailer on their website and the film was featured on Yahoo!, Popsugar and the Today Show blog.