Weekly Twitter Chat Discussing Snapchat

Twitter Chat Discussing The Pros and Cons of Snapchat


  1. The host, Kristy Gillentine, gave a 60 second countdown until the tweetchat began on February 8th at 1 P.M. Central Time.
  2. The tweetchat, #chatsnap, is a weekly tweetchat discussing snapchat. This week the topic covered the pros and cons of snapchat.
  3. Most of the people involved said they would invest in snapchat, but some needed to earn some money first.
  4. The responses to watching a show in Snapchat ranged from unaware that it was a feature, to actively watching shows.
  5. The overall theme seemed to be that everyone consumes snapchat daily, and usually for longer than necessary.
  6. Another overarching theme was that people tap through the ads. Most people see them as a waste of time.