Decarbonize: Blue Youth

A Global Mobilization of Youth Perspective on Climate Change


  1. 11,000 Students were engaged in contributing 25,000 hours to the creation of a global White Paper on Climate Change from September to November 2016. This process was completed with a Writers Retreat in Marrakech, Morocco during the UNFCCC COP22.
  2. Leading up to the writers retreat in Morocco, students from around the globe took part in collaboration on a virtual classroom, by video conference, and by taking part in national surveys on climate change.
  3. The students completed a variety of activities on climate change including artwork,
  4. The creation and completion of national dialogue surveys to engage their communities,
  5. and direct communication collaborations via video conferencing bilaterally and triregionally to share ideas and perspectives internationally.
  6. Students were then invited together on October 28th to take part in a Global Virtual Town Hall. Students from 12 countries were able to connect and share their perspectives and ideas around climate change leadership and advocacy.
  7. and although at times being leaders in climate change can be exhausting..