Measurements of an association football pitch

The advent of professional football was first in England in the nineteenth century. That iswhy the original laws of the game were formulated in England. During that time,supremacy over football was theirs.


  1. So, the first and foremost rules of the game were devised by the IFAB (International Football Association Board) in England. The Imperial units were used to denote the measurements of the football pitch.
  2. However, since the prologue of SI or metric units, the measurements were converted and the approximate decimal figures were applied. The playing surface used for the game of football is called the football pitch. It is usually made of turf. Turf hypothetically refers to grass, whether it is natural or artificial. In case of a football pitch, turf indicates a ground which includes a layer/mat of grass and grass roots. Sometimes, in the case of practice pitches, artificial turfs are used, which are made of synthetic materials and are designed to look like grass.
  3. A football pitch is of a rectangular shape. The measurement of the pitch varies from league to league.The long sides of the pitch are called touchlines, while the opposite ones are called goal lines. They are marked with some white markings. If the ball is on or above the touchline, it is considered to be inside the pitch and the game continues. But, if the player of a team sends the ball completely out of the touchline, then the opposite team is awarded a throw-in. If a player sends the ball out of the goal line, then the opposite team gets a corner kick. The length of the two goal lines must be between 45 meters and 90 meters and equal. But, in the international matches, the lengthof the goal lines will be 64-75 meters. Again, the length of the touchlineswill also be equal. It will be between 90 meters and 120 meters. For international matches, the length of the touchlines will vary from 100 metersto 110 meters. All the lines/markings will have an equal width, which will not surpass 12 centimeters or 5 inches. The measurements haven’t yet been standardized,though IFAB did make an endeavor to do so in 2008.
  4. Goals consist of two erect posts, which are joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar. It is located right at the center of each goal line. A net covers thebackside of the goals. The structure of the nets may be rigid, semi-rigid or loose. The lower edge of the crossbar should be 2.44 meters above the ground.The distance between the inner edges of the posts will be 7.32 meters. The posts lie perpendicularly on the goal lines. To score a goal, the ball must completely cross the goal line and enter the goal area. If the goalkeeper handles the ball inside the goal area,then it will be considered as a goal and an own goal.
  5. So, from the above discussion, we can get a crude idea about the measurements of an association football pitch.
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