Royal Couples meet, will East African Food Crisis be forgotten?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will visit UNICEF's emergency supply centre in Copenhagen, in order to create attention for the ongoing food crisis in East Africa. They'll also meet Frederik and Mary - the Crown Prince couple of Denmark for lunch. Which part will get most attention?


  1. Embassy of Denmark in London tweets about the upcoming visit after tip from the Royal Houses & discovering the press release on
  2. HelloMag has discovered the story... no mention of UNICEF 
  3. But luckily Ditte Hartvig Bak has....
  4. Yahoo had gotten wind of the UNICEF angle to the story too
  5. Seems like the largest constant covering of Frederik and Mary is in Aussie-land... Perhaps the British royals should be worried? Nahhh I think not, but we and they are proud of Mary's Australian heritage
  6. Here's a bit of info about the UNICEF warehouse in Copenhagen, which is part of the UN city, that is/is being built in Copenhagen 
  7. Here's a bit of info about the UN city
  8. Embassy in London on target again...
  9. Don't think either couple are looking for a job though... but in case you want to work in UNICEF in Wonderful Copenhagen