The Press Release Has More Lives than a Cat

The press release has been declared dead so often that it should be recognized as a modern day miracle. Is it dead,un-dead or the walking dead? Below, I've compiled an excerpt of public opinions about the poor put upon press release.


  1. Well it did not die in 2010, but Coca-Cola thinks it's time to kill it.
  2. HubSpot believes it should have died years ago.
  3. It's far from dead says savvy PR pro, Carrie Morgan but others are not so sure.
  4. In another take if it's dead, Google did not kill it.
  5. It's dead and should stay dead?
  6. Wait, it lives!
  7. It's not dead but we need to learn how to treat it.
  8. How to #write a #pressrelease OK - I've heard so many times the press release is "dead". I wish. I ...
  9. To put this in perspective, email was going to kill the telephone and social media was going to kill email. Our culture seems fond of in with the new and shiny and out with the traditional. The answer is not that simple. The press release is evolving as is everything in communications (and life). Rather than declare its demise we should be focusing on how we can most effectively use all of the tools available to help us communicate with our publics.