Hot Buttered PR Controversy

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen is front and center in a controversy about her announcement that she has Type 2 Diabetes and association with a pharmaceutical company that markets a diabetes drug that received an FDA warning in 2011.

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  1. Paula Deen - Bacon Hot Dogs
  2. Many have taken issue with Deen for hiding her diagnosis for three years while continuing to build a brand built on butter, sugar and fat.
  3. Others found the lighter side of this high calorie catastrophe.
  4. The none too shy Anthony Bourdain added his own brand of spice to the controversy with not so sweet comments about Deen's announcement. 
  5. Leave Paula Deen alone...yeah like anyone didn't know butter & more butter and sugar(sweet-tea how gross)is so bad for y'all..Ahhh the days visiting my relatives in Georgia(born there)fried chicken,southern bisquits,potato salad,grits & sausage gravy,black-eyed peas & ham that's good eatin but NOT EVERYDAY..overweight & diabetes, sugar in my iced-tea was really a novelty..weirdo Californians
  6. Paula Deen rides butter over mashed potatoes
  7. So... Paula Deen has had Type 2 diabetes for three years and has bee pimping her high butter, high fat cooking the entire time? Also forming a business relationship and spokesmanship deal with NorvoNodisc? (?) Seriously?! Tony Bourdain said, "I think I'll go into the leg breaking business, then make a killing selling crutches." Right on, Tony.
  8. I wish everybody'd lay off of poor Paula Deen. If you thought her signature dishes (fried butter anyone?) were health food, then catching diabetes is the least of your worries.
  9. Many have commented that Deen has sent the wrong message about Diabetes with her Novo Nordisk brand promotion deal. To add fuel to this fire, the pharmaceutical company received an FDA warning about the drug in 2011.
  10. Time will tell if Deen's brand will take a significant hit. Some have argued that Deen owed no one an explanation and was right in her choice to keep her diagnosis private. Technically true but it may not have been the smartest decision for her business. No one in their right mind could claim that Deen's brand of cooking was healthy but it does feel a little sneaky that someone diagnosed with a disease so closely linked to lifestyle choices would solider on without saying a word. 

    Announcing the diagnosis three years later in conjunction with a drug endorsement feels a bit disingenuous. Deen could have announced the diagnosis much earlier without being a crusader. With a loyal platform of followers she could have offered options for diabetics like her or simply continued to encourage her viewers to enjoy in moderation.

    Time will tell how this will impact her brand,but in the short term there is a  raging fire in the kitchen surrounding Paula Deen.