An Empire in Peril

The News of the World Hackgate story has dominated headlines for days. Each day new details emerge that broaden the depth and breadth of the story as reputations and careers crumble on both sides of the pond.


  1. A company long known to cross ethical boundaries to get the story at all costs, cringes under the glare of its own empire.
  2. Murdoch smacks down Fox News anchor for mentioning hacking scandal
  3. ...and the media empire calls for backup from a well known PR firm.
  4. Reactions to the hiring of Edelman are swift and unfavorable.
  5. Former Murdoch Executive, Rebekah Brooks however took hits not for key role in the unfolding scandal but for her choice of hairstyle. 
  6. As others discussed the actors best suited to play the roles in the movie we all assume will be made.
  7. The scandal took a darker turn with the death of whistleblower Sean Hoare.
  8. 'Murdoch dead, body discovered': LulzSec hacks 'The Sun'
  9. Another day, another resignation as more players fall under the bus of hackgate.
  10. Scandals make great headlines and even better cartoons
  11. The wheels of justice may turn slowly but not so much when it comes to karma.