Shared Thinking: Student Induction Event (mainly as reported by Sue House)

I am myself thinking about student engagement in library-led seminars and tutorials - it's the focus of my PGCert project. So when I read librarian Sue House's tweets from a Shared Thinking event at York on Tuesday 5th July, I sat up and looked, because she cites lots of useful info & references.


  1. I hope this doesn't look like stalking! But Sue posted so much interesting, relevant and useful detail, and I knew I'd lose it all unless the tweets were captured and kept safe. So, for future reference, here are some tweets - beginning and ending with Shared Thinking. Interestingly enough (to me), it appears Shared Thinking originated in Glasgow - where I got my PhD. Clearly, I need to investigate!
  2. Meanwhile, here is my first attempt at taking notes on someone else's attendance at a conference that I wish I had known about! Online notes - how very "now"! (Incidentally, I have looked up most of Sue's references so they can be followed up later. That's my "added value" to this Storify.)
  3. So .. Tinto's work is into student retention and learning communities. From my point of view, the learning communities work may be more pertinent, since I'm not on the student recruitment/registry side of things.