The "Ira Glass" of Zombies

Let me explain something to you. I don't do twitter. Until January 7th, 2013 my twitter account had sat idle for two years. I had three twitter posts to my name. My handle is from a place I used to work at a year and a half ago. Why am I on twitter now?


  1. Because of my winding road of discovery through the world of educational moocs.
    First there was DNLE. I loved it! Learned a lot, produced a solution I thought was pretty good to an ongoing educational problem and made some connections. No twitter though and that was fine by me.
  2. Designing a New Learning Environment (DNLE)
  3. Someone at the end of DNLE created a list of the upcoming educational moocs in January. Some people I really admired on the DNLE course indicated that they were heading over to moocmooc, so I followed them.
  4. In moocmooc, before the course even started, we were advised a have a twitter account and to set up tweetdeck. I had to contact twitter to send me a new password. I set up tweetdeck. I was hesitant to say the least. I had two followers (my son and his girlfriend.) I had no idea on how to use this technology.
  5. I used twitter sparingly during moocmooc. But I started to make connections. I made a lot of mistakes but people were kind. Besides, it's not like I'm famous.
  6. In moocmooc I was exposed to the power of newer technologies including twitter. I had remained in the museum world instead of returning to teaching after our move back to Canada from the United States ( I am married to a soldier and we move, a lot, but that is another tale.) I had recently returned to the Edtech world and was astounded at the educational potential at my fingertips. 
  7. Then someone mentioned etmooc. I was already hooked after a week of moocmooc. So, of course I signed up. Still wasn't a fan of twitter though. I used it more as an aggregation tool than a communication tool. People would post an article, I would read the article and sometimes pass it on or comment on it. Actively participating was only something I would do if someone else initiated the conversation since I still didn't know how to successfully post all the time.
  8. I was starting to use twitter more regularly, but always in conversation with someone I knew. In Etmooc we are supposed to do something called a twitter chat. We're just finishing the fourth week of the course. Needless to say I have not participated in a single twitter chat. It also conflicts with pottery night. And I prefer pottery.
  9. So what changed? Why may I give up on pottery night for a twitter chat? Twitter vs Zombies 2.0.
  10. I joined. In fact I signed up twice because I didn't know if I had registered or not. But I played knowing that I was going to have to tweet TWENTY times! I was venturing out of my comfort zone.
    I did not tweet on  February 6 using #tvsz (It's pottery night after all). On February 7th I tweeted 29 times (once time by accident to someone who wasn't playing)
  11. and I became a zombie.
    Perhaps it was because I had a purpose now (to hunt humans), perhaps it was because we were writing six word stories in etmooc (and twitter is good for that) or perhaps I may just be a twisted human being but I LOVED being a zombie.