Addressing Neglected Tropical Diseases

Although tremendous advances have been made in our understanding and treatment of disease, major challenges remain in improving health for populations in the developing world. Chemistry professor Michael Pollastri, Ph.D. spoke on the issue October 12


  1. Northeastern University chemistry professor Michael Pollastri, along with several colleagues, have developed the Integrated Initiative for Global Health. On Friday, October 12, 2012, Professor Pollastri spoke to more than 100 people at Northeastern about his work in addressing neglected tropical diseases, including malaria, sleeping sickness, and Chagas disease.  
  2. Complex issues such as inadequate therapies, poor infrastructure, governmental policy, and inadequate health care and education stifle progress. In the face of these multiple challenges, diseases that are endemic in developing nations are repeatedly 'neglected' by scientists and pharmaceutical companies based in developed nations. 
  3. (minor typo above: Only 10 percent of healthcare...)
  4. Northeastern University is known throughout the world for its leading co-op program in which students work for six months while pursuing an undergraduate degree.