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Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets: One Product with Multidimensional Applications

Lexan Polycarbonate sheets are finding the place in variety of applications in different sectors. It is being used widely as an alternative of traditional materials. The article states how Lexan sheets may add more values to your tasks.


  1. Trend of using Lexan Polycarbonate sheets in variety of applications is increasing fast in India also. This trend is influenced with similar practice in other countries. There are many reasons that support this universal trend. Polycarbonate Lexan sheets are being used widely as a substitute of glass or toughened glass. It has emerged as a widely accepted alternative of polyethylene membrane also for multiple applications including agriculture, industry, ornaments and public buildings etc. This material has perfect combination of light weight, impact strength, flame-resistance, light transmission, anti-drop, UV protection besides being charming for outdoor appearance.

  2. Lexan Polycarbonate Sheets – Alternative To Glass:

  3. Clear poly-carbonate sheets are transparent like a glass sheet but weigh only just the half. Lightweight property makes the transportation and installation easy and less expensive. As the application area of polycarbonate solid sheet is spreading, its range is also expanding. Today, you have sufficient options to chose from the major categories- corrugated, smooth, solid, embossed and frosted. Smooth Lexan Polycarbonate is used in the places when we need maximum light transmission; embossed frosted sheets are used for decorating the properties including commercial buildings. The use frosted sheets is on the continuous increase in the reconstruction and remodeling works to add glamour look to old dull looking buildings with little modification.

  4. According to tests, impact strength is more than 200 times than that of common glass; it is almost 20 times to that of tempering glass. These have been proven as the best choice for the places more prone to hail, high speed wind and stormy rains. Sufficient sunlight during the day is essential for whole greenhouse. The traditional use of common glass or polyethylene sheet transmits restricted light because of the dew water drops accumulated at the surface; it results in the retarded growth of plants. The Lexan Poly-carbonate sheets with special treatment reduce condensation process and when the sun comes out in the morning, almost 95% sunlight comes through.

  5. Choosing Between Hollow and Solid Polycarbonate Sheet:

  6. For constructions applications, hollow and solid both the sheets are used widely all across the world. The prominent difference between both the sheets is light transmission level; impact strength may also differ. Solid Lexan sheets are stronger than relatively cheap hollow variants but have low profile on the ground of thermal insulation. Hollow or multiwall Lexan variants trap the air in between the hollow structure to act as thermal barrier. Solid sheets are heavier than the hollow sheets. Solid Lexan sheets have one solid layer but the hollow sheets are made of twin walls. Solid poly-carbonate panels are commonly used in skylight, helmets and lighting etc. Hollow sheets are good choice to cover the larger areas in greenhouses and shopping malls etc.

  7. The properties of polycarbonate solid sheets vary according to their construction and grade, so before choosing the type, you must know the special properties that your particular application needs. Temperature, light transmission, weight, strength, weather conditions, use of area, time for usage, aesthetic importance etc are the guiding parameters to select the best module of polycarbonate solid sheet.
  8. Polycarbonate is learning about Lexan polycarbonate sheets and how they are useful in various applications. Find out even more at the solid polycarbonate sheet.