Jim Pomeroy

Elizabeth Creekmore

Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd lives in Jackson, Mississippi. Tweets about #philanthropy #mississippi & #fundraising

Adam Fields

Chief Architect for http://t.co/Rp1oV5CULs. This is my personal account. Ask me how to fix stuff. See more: http://t.co/xW9coGH8sG Sometime marshmallow mailer.

Want to take your organization to the next level? I'm the woman you call.Writing, visuals and the kick in the pants you need to change the world. Let's do this!


welcome to our art and urban e-magazine that curates art and different vantage points. we are building community w/ you! #iNSPIRE #BLKCREATIVES the Nation

NPTech Projects

nonprofit data and server wranglers - open-source, open-data - community service

Rebecca Thompson

Using digital platforms to connect people online and on the ground, to improve our enjoyment of the world

Jennifer Chowdhury

I write about race & gender issues, arts & culture for @nbcasianamerica @marieclaire @nytimes @washingtonpost @refinery29 ChowdhuryJ315@gmail.com

Veronica Muoio

Ron Steffens

Environmental writer, park ranger, firefighter. Professor at Green Mountain College. Working and living in Oregon, Wyoming, Vermont, & farther afield.


Executive Director for Friends of Cedar Mesa...photographer....climber....desert fox.

Anil Gurung


Passion 4 Teaching, ProfLearning & Student Achievement. Teaching & Learning focused for Alexandria City Public Schools. Follow or RT does not imply endorsement.

Kris Bradley

Passion = Internet Marketing. Twitter practitioner. Family is my everything. God bless craft brewers. M.S. Internet Marketing from @fullsail. Tweet for @minddnd

Simón Rave

Mg. Docente, Consultor y Auditor educativo. Un apasionado de la Literatura universal, la integración Edu-TIC & entusiasta Social Media. #Guerrerosdigitales