Purchasing Property on the Beach in Hawaii

Beachfront property is in great demand in Hawaii so the first thing perspective buyers should do is find an experienced agency.


  1. Beachfront property is in great demand in Hawaii so the first thing perspective buyers should do is find an experienced agency. Kaimuki homes for sale, for example, knows the local market, can provide insight into current pricing ranges, and can help buyers find property that will suit their needs and budgets. Kahala Real Estate is currently expanding with new developments containing condominiums and townhouses.

    It is helpful to bring a real estate agent when viewing condo properties with a developer. The agent can help buyers navigate up-sells and added options. Many will add value to the condominium, but some will not. A washer and dryer, for example, is a great option, but an up-sell on certain fixtures or décor may not be of any value long-term. An agent will also advise buyers of their rights to cancel a deal within thirty days. After thirty days, the buyer becomes locked into the agreement or contract.

    Views that are present at the time of purchase of a townhouse or condo are subject to change. That is important for a buyer to realize. Future developments, new businesses, or skyscrapers, can alter the perfect view at any time. That is not as likely to happen with Kahala Homes for sale that are directly on the beach. Luxury Homes in Hawaii have great views that seldom change. That may help decide what type of property to purchase.

    Beach apartments in exclusive neighborhoods actually refer to condominium or townhouse ownership. There are two different types of ownership that apply to townhouses on the beach. Leaseholder ownership means that the buyer does not own the land. When the lease is up, the property and buildings revert back to the land owner. There are lease terms that can be for 99 years, but those are rare. Some leases can be converted into fee simple ownership when the lease is over. Fee simple ownership means the land and building belongs to the buyer of the townhouse.

    The most luxurious beach front condos are found at Kahala Beach Apartments, Regency at Kahala, and The Kahala Towers. Townhouse projects include Waialae Gardens, tropic Gardens, and Tropicana Manor. If luxury is out of range, the nearby neighborhood of Kaimuki offers affordable homes and apartments. It is close to the beach, shopping, excellent schools, and two colleges. The area is a short, fifteen minute commute into Honolulu for professionals. There are plenty of opportunities to live on, or near, the beach.