Want to go to Mars? Dennis Tito will take you there

…as long as you’re part of an older, married couple with amazing mechanical skills, great long term resilience, and relaxed attitude towards being exposed to high levels of radiation. A selection of tweets and thoughts about the Inspiration Mars mission, announced today.


  1. Today Dennis Tito and Inspiration Mars announced a 2018 crewed mission to Mars. Two people - a man and a woman - will start their journey on January 5 2018. They will return 501 days later having flown by, but not landed on, Mars. Here's how it happened:
  2. While Tito was speaking a feasibility study for the mission appeared on the mission's website, and some mock ups of what the spacecraft will look like were presented.
  3. Bu first things first: money. How much will it cost? How will they finance the trip? 
  4. After it became obvious Tito was in fact talking about "media rights" as opposed to "meteorites", the financial reality of an inspiring Mars mission came crashing back down to Earth.
  5. And then some of the daily realities of spending that long on a spacecraft turned out not to be hugely appealing (though not all specific to Inspiration Mars!)
  6. We interrupt this Storify for a Public Service Announcement:
  7. Jonathan Clark is chief medical officer for Inspiration Mars. He looked after the health of Felix Baumgartner too, during his jump from not-quite-the-edge-of-space.