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'Justin Unplugged': The twitter reaction

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  1. Yesterday afternoon, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau tweeted out an invite to 'Justin Unplugged,' a $250 per person event for 'ladies' featuring 'cocktails, candid conversation and curiosity-inducing ideas.'
  2. Reaction, as they say, was swift:

  3. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel and New Democrat Megan Leslie were united in eye-rolling the poster -- and, indeed, the event itself:
  4. Rempel even took her outrage to the House of Commons Foyer, where she joined Canadian Heritage Minister Shelly Glover for a quick pre-QP scrum on the event.

    Inside the Chamber,  the 'ladies only' event inspired a withering members' statement from New Democrat MP Niki Ashton.
  5. Meanwhile, as is so often the case on twitter, the initial shocked disbelief and outrage gave way to some pretty hilarious -- if largely partisan -- commentary, particularly on the #askjustin hashtag.