Apocalypse 2013: A Global Wine Shortage

Last week, wine lovers everywhere were confronted with their worst nightmare: a global wine shortage. A combination of factors including an increased demand from new markets in China and a decline in grape production had worried wine fanatics flocking to social media to spread the news.


  1. Kathie Lee & Hoda Without Wine
  2. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel worried about what the Today Show would be like if Kathie Lee and Hoda could no longer drink on the air.
  3. The source of the news was a report released by Morgan Stanley that stated that wine production is barely keeping up with demand and markets are continuing to grow at a rapid rate. Almost 300 million cases of wine will not be available for consumers to purchase in 2013.
  4. Is A Global Wine Shortage Upon Us?
  5. However, not everyone agreed that a crisis was upon us. The International Organization of Vine and Wine denied the claim that production was unable to meet demand. They predict that production will increase by 8.8 percent in 2013, the largest increase in seven years.
  6. Either way, the "global wine shortage of 2013" had people running to their local liquor store to stock up on their favorite Chardonnay before it was gone for good!
  7. Truth #truefactsaboutnancy #wine #wineshortage #wina #wineaholic
    Truth #truefactsaboutnancy #wine #wineshortage #wina #wineaholic
  8. This made me #giggle #wineshortage #funny #lol #liquorstore #HempsteadAvenue #westhempstead
    This made me #giggle #wineshortage #funny #lol #liquorstore #HempsteadAvenue #westhempstead