Thank You Marcia Bansely for 26 Years of Growing Trees Atlanta!

“Marcia was present at the creation of Trees Atlanta and has devoted 26 years of her life to building it into one of the premiere tree organizations in the country,” said Trees Atlanta Board President, C. Edward Dobbs. “Atlantans have been the beneficiary of her great leadership and advocacy for trees and the environment.” Thank you Marcia for your service to Atlanta.


  1. The story breaks with an early morning online story on the Atlanta Business Chronicle.
  2. Within minutes, many friends and supporters of Marcia and Trees Atlanta begin to share the news and send their well wishes. Marcia has built an Atlanta institution -- her legacy will continue growing for many generations.
  3. Trees Atlanta Executive Director, Marcia Bansley, is known by many loving titles... the tree lady, tree whisperer, tree champion, etc.

    In all ways, her contribution to Atlanta's landscape will be synonymous with Trees Atlanta and it's continuing work.

    Best of luck to you Marcia!
    Trees Atlanta and the Atlanta Community