Twitter archive, 2008-2010.

I just downloaded my archive and the experience of going through tweets from 2008 has been interesting. Here are some of the tweets that seemed relatively important, at least to me. Warning, many reflect my time at AP.


  1. The obligatory stupid first tweet.
  2. The obligatory early mundane tweet.
  3. In July of 2008, I begin to wonder how to use Twitter at AP, where I worked at the time.
  4. And then I tweet about sports...which I still do.
  5. And then I tweet about weather...which I still do.
  6. And then I #humblebrag...which I try not to do.
  7. Four years to the day when the US Airways flight ditched into the Hudson. A few of us at AP started to get the impact Twitter was starting to have.
  8. Of course, the first picture I share on Twitter is from an airplane.
  9. The second was almost four years ago to the day. It's a view of people trying to get onto the mall for Obama's first inauguration.
  10. First RT was of one of AP's first accounts.
  11. Starting to pay attention to the way brands are using Twitter.
  12. The early days of brand enforcement.
  13. First hashtag.