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Do You Know The Benefits & Drawbacks Of Jute Bags?


  1. Jute is also an environment-friendly natural biodegradable fibre when compared to synthetic artificial fibers. Jute products are widely favored by a lot of people worldwide, and the demand of jute bags & other products are also increasing over the time. In accordance to the increasing demand, several jute bag manufacturers are developing an assortment of jute bags, canvas bags, and so many items. These jute bags are very stylish and contemporary. However, did you ever think about the benefits and drawbacks of jute bags? Let’s read about some of the advantages and disadvantages of jute bags.

  2. • Jute bags hold a fashionable and natural look, which is why these bags are widely accepted by the womenfolk. Especially college goers, working women are very fond of these bags.
    • Jute bags come in different styles, sizes, shapes and perfect for various purposes. There are jute tote bags, shopping bags, jute clutches, pouches, folders, jute backpacks and many more.
    • During the manufacturing process, the chemical consumption of jute bags is low. Hence, the bags are ecological.
    • Jute can be widely used in agricultural sector, textile sector, woven sector, and nonwoven sector.
    • As jute is a natural fiber, bags and other jute products are not expensive. Jute is recyclable, so you can save your money & save the environment too.
    • Jute is a strong fiber. Products made of jute are durable and heavy duty. Being a natural fiber, it doesn’t harm to our skin as well.
    Drawbacks of Jute:
    • While printing on jute bags, exact printing consciousness will not come or as per digital impression.
    • The extended existence of jute bags is lower than canvas bags.
    • The crease of resistance of jute is very low.
    • Whereas canvas bags are washable, jute bags and jute products are not washable.