Inside #OWSBrunch

Telling the story of the ongoing OWS community meetings about pressing issues facing our movement: transparency, hierarchies, and more.


  1. The 2/19 meeting at 16 Beaver was called in an email message:
  2. Unlike the first meeting, this one was livestreamed. There were about 50 people in attendance at #16Beaver...
  3. After a few rounds of "step in if you...", and a clarifying that this is not a "witch hunt", each internet interface had a chance to introduce itself:
  4. A few beautiful moments:
  5. Much of the second half of meeting was dominated by questions to, which seems to be the internet interface that is working most aggressively to find funding right now. A suggestion to hold another meeting in future to discuss this particular project reaches consensus. And the next #OWSBrunch meeting will be next Saturday: