Lil Poopy's rap battle goes on

The saga of Lil Poopy, (@poopythedon), a rapper and fourth grader from Brockton whose real name is Luie Rivera Jr., has elicited a hailstorm of controversy, especially after Brockton police lodged a child about complaint against Rivera's father this week.

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  1. Here's the original profile from The Enterprise (@enterprisenews) and the follow up after the police filed the child abuse complaint.
  2. Poopy himself seemed pretty happy with the initial profile, at least.
  3. In case you're not familiar with the pint-sized rapper, here's a link to one of his videos. (Adult themes/images ahoy, obviously.) 
  4. Pop That Remix Lil Poopy
  5. The idea of a 9-year-old rapper is obviously a curiosity, even inspiring a meme:
  6. #lilpoopy #boss #teampoopy #cokeaintabadword #massfivestar #repost screen shot and repost all of my original poopy pics ! @massfivestar for original ideas !
  7. The story's getting some national attention as well.
  8. Through it all, Lil Poopy himself, at least if he's running his own Twitter account, seems unfazed:
  9. Reaction on Twitter has been mixed, but he's certainly getting some support from fans.
  10. At least for now, it doesn't appear the controversy is weighing heavily on Lil Poopy's mind.