Apps and Utilities for Teachers

A presentation to the faculty of Woodland Hills Junior High School on various web-based apps and utilities that will help facilitate learning, classroom management and parental involvement.


  1. The following presentation is a brief overview of several apps that I discovered over the summer and plan to implement this year!  I hope that you are able to find something useful for your classroom!

    First: Gradecam!
  2. GradeCam allows teachers to create Scrantron tests right on their computers and grade them by using any webcam.  The program also creates reports that provide item analysis and overall statistics for your tests.

    Next: Remind101
  3. Remind101 provides a way to maintain contact with students and parents without revealing cell phone numbers.  It also provides a concrete record of those contacts.  Students and parents without numbers that  can receive texts may sign up via e-mail.
    The Remind101 feed can be embedded into school websites as well!
  4. Remind101 also has an app so texts can be sent from cell phones.
  5. Next Up: Class Dojo
  6. ClassDojo is a classroom management tool that provides immediate feedback to students about their behavior in the class.  Behaviors, both positive and negative, are recorded providing both students and teachers with a snapshot of the classroom.  This can be recorded on the website or through the apps on various platforms.
  7. Finally: Storify!

    Storify is a program that allows you to drag all forms of internet media into one platform, providing a stream-lined view of various resources.
    Pictures, conversation and links can be integrated with drag and drop ease from Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Youtube, Flikr, Instagram, and anywhere on the internet.