The execution of breathing exercises for pregnant woman


  1. If during the execution of breathing exercises you feel dizzy, do not inhale and exhale, if possible, 20-30 seconds, and discomfort disappears.

    Types of respiration
    Thoracic breathing - Put one hand on your stomach, and the other - on the chest. Make a full breath, and then inhaling through the nose, enter the lungs as much air. It is very important that the hand lying on his stomach, at this moment almost did not move.

    The other hand should rise due to the fact that the inspiratory rib apart and raised and lowered diaphragm. Making a full breath, hold your breath, and then exhale slowly through your nose.

    Breathing delayed - Take a deep breath air through the nose, at the end of inhalation, hold your breath, count to 10 mentally, and then sharply exhale through the mouth. During training, you can try to bring the score to 20 or even 30. Breathe so necessary at the moment of birth of the baby (the end of the second stage of labor).

    Shallow breathing - Now you can try to breathe easily, quickly, evenly and quietly. Doing this exercise, remember to move should only upper chest, not the abdomen. Keep the breath to be equal to exhalation. Try to gradually increase the duration of shallow breathing to 10, 20, and 30 seconds, and by the end of pregnancy - up to 60.