motor insurance quote

motor insurance quotemotor insurance quote


  1. motor insurance quote
  2. motor insurance quote
  3. BEST ANSWER: I recommend this site where you can compare free quotes from different companies:  http://COVERAGEQUOTES.NET/index.html?src=storifyPublish 
  5. What is the purpose of insurance?
  6. What is the purpose of insurance?
  7. "Question about health insurance, dental insurance?
  8. Hey so my tooth is really hurting? I'm thinking of getting dental insurance and then going to the dentist. If it turns out I need a root canal or something really major-- will they pay for it? I mean-- do I have to declare tooth pain before hand or how does this work exactly? So confused...
  9. Muscle/Sports car insurance question...?
  10. Would a 1971 Ford Torino 4 door sedan be considered a sports/muscle car to insurance companies? I am trying to find a way around the muscle car insurance rates while still having a muscleish car. Any other car suggestions would be great.
  11. "I got a loan to pay for a car, is it paid for or finance (insurance purposes)?"
  12. I got the loan from a credit union, I used it to pay for the car, but I am not sure if I should select paid for or financed when filling out the application for car insurance. Help please!"
  13. Car insurance is abnormally expensive for me (18yrs old)? What am I doing wrong?
  14. I go on gocompare,, comparethemarket, etc. to check prices of different cars but I keep getting insurance at the price of 7,000+?! And the crazy thing is, it was for a Peugeot 2002 106 which is like 1.1 litre. which came to the lowest I found. Which was 7,000+. I fill in the details truthfully, such as locked home garage, very low miles per year, etc, but I can't seem to get cheap insurance? Everyone online says they get insured for around 2,000 on a Corsa, Peugeot 106, Citroen C1 and on like 1.4L+ cars etc. HOW TO HELL? Should I just buy my 1st car then insure it on my parents name then ask me to be put on as a named driver? My friends do that and pay around 1,000-1,200 on 1.6L cars.. Also, can you recommend me a good 1st car? (England) Thanks!"
  15. Cheap car insurance with a claim?
  16. I've had an unlucky year, my first car got written off, and just recently i've had my second car stolen and not recovered. This has happened in the space of a year, and i have nearly had my licence one year. What are my options to get insured as cheap as possible? are there any insurance companies out there that specifically insure young drivers or drivers with claims?"
  17. "Car insurance cancelled,what to do?"
  18. I've had car insurance for around 5 months and because i was late on 2 payments they have cancelled my insurance today. i'e looked for an alternative insurance but because i had it cancelled nobody will take me on. is there any other options,surely somebody being late doesnt mean they cant ever get to drive again??"
  19. What is the average insurance rate for a 19 year old in Ontario?
  20. What is the average insurance rate for a 19 year old in Ontario?
  21. Will 4 year old dui affect my car insurance with geico?
  22. Will 4 year old dui affect my car insurance with geico?
  23. Covered California individual plan?
  24. Hello, I am a grad student with no income currently. I'm signing up for covered ca for an individual plan. It is asking for number of people in household, do I just put one for myself or am I supposed to write all family members even though it is for an individual plan? From the research I've done it seems I probably won't be eligible for obamacare and may have to sign up for medicaid. My mother is currently putting me through school and paying for my current health insurance. If I don't qualify for Obamacare couldn't I just sign up with a new plan under my current health insurance provider that my mother will pay for or would it be better if I just went with medicaid? Thanks for your advice."
  25. Instead of buying auto insurance is there a way to just have a savings account just for $coverages?