Jennifer Corriero & Michael Furdyk


  1. I had the pleasure of listening to Michael Furdyk speak at the NPDL Deep Learning Lab in Seattle last year. I looked at my notes from his session to find a very blank paper other than some links to websites and a couple quotes. It's not that I didn't learn anything from him but quite the opposite. I wrote nothing because I didn't want to miss out on anything he said. He is such an inspiration to youth and educators around the world. When given the opportunity I knew I wanted to learn more about his organization.
  2. Understanding the Organization:
  3. TakingITGlobal was founded in 1999 by Jennifer Corriero and Michael Furdyk who were 17 and 19 years old. Essentially they created an online forum where youth can become involved in global and local change opportunities and where they are able to search for inspiration or information with youth around the world. The social network serves to raise awareness on global issues and encourage youth to take action. TakingITGlobal has been referred to as the world's largest community for young people interested in positive change. Correiro and Furdyk later developed TakingITGlobal for Educators where educators can gain inspiration for global change projects, learn from other educators and collaborate with students across the world to foster change making in our classrooms.
  4. TakingITGlobal's Social Entrepreneurship Contribution:
  5. TakingITGlobal in some ways is the definition of social entrepreneurship. Their entire mandate is to support the youth of today in creatively solving the problems of today and tomorrow through innovative and global opportunities. Their website could be a University course for all of the learning and workshop opportunities on it. They even offer a Youth Entrepreneurship Course for youth to learn more about employment, business, social change and education.
  6. Their websites offers everything a youth, University student, teacher or interested adult would require for any type of global citizenship learning. There are organizations to get involved with including Canadian Sprout Ideas which offers learning in social innovation.
  7. Also offered to you are blogs, photos, magazine articles and research to support all learning in sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. There are pages and pages of information on global issues, culture, education, environment, globalization, health and well being, human rights, media, Peace and technology. This is the best starting point in global learning. Taking It Global's mission is to "provide opportunities for learning, capacity building, cross cultural awareness and self development through the use of information and communication technologies."
  8. Insights I gained from this inquiry:
  9. When I looked back at my sparse notes based on Michael Furdyk's session, I am struck by his quote " What would you do if anything was possible?" This is the mantra we need to instill in our students. We need to foster the confidence in our learners that they can do anything. By drawing on their creativity they can imagine an idea and we as teachers can support them to put that idea into action. TakingITGlobal also made me realize that even if some of today's students are not getting the global education in the class as we hope, this website exists to offer them that outside of their class. No matter what school they attend, where they live or what their situation is, TakingITGlobal is an open, inviting and provoking media to connect with others and create pathways to success.
  10. I've attached an interview with Michael Furdyk to learn more about his personal entrepreneurship journey.
  11. Personal & Professional Impacts:
  12. At the age of 31 I am inspired by TakingITGlobal. I wish it had been introduced me when I was a youth and hungry for a place to start making a difference. The luxury of being a teacher is that I can still wholeheartedly take part in global change learning and activities with my students. I am able to guide their learning but in the end they teach me. I gain enthusiasm, creativity and desire to be involved from my students who ask the hard questions and mean it when they say they want to be involved.
  13. I have browsed the website before but now looking at it more in depth I am inspired by all of the opportunities waiting for me. I didn't realize that there is a forum for educators to post deeper learning projects in. Other teachers can contact them and collaborate. This is the type of resource that I will use over and over again. I have so many ideas for next year based on the projects I have read about through TakingITGlobal. One example is a collaboration between a kindergarten class in Canada and a school in India. The Canadian children are diving into an inquiry about what a book needs. They will then write and illustrate their books on an app called Book Creator and digitally share them with the school in India to read and provide feedback. Even though it seems like such a simple and small thing, these students are connecting with children that are facing much different global challenges than us. The opportunities of learning from this are endless.
  14. Michael Furdyk shared this video at the conference I attended to show the multitude of ways to get involved with any of the 17 UN Global Goals. Often we and our youth feel that we are just little voices trying to make a big change. This video helps to show that even though we are just one, there is an entire army out there also working on the same goals. Some of the advocates just have more clout than us and a voice that may carry a bit further.
  15. 'We The People' for The Global Goals