Amherst Wire wins Apple Award for Best Homepage at the College Media Association Conference

The Amherst Wire editorial staff attended the College Media Association Conference in New York City March 12 - 13 and gave a presentation on Facebook Live. The team also took home the Apple Award for Best Homepage. Thank you to everyone who supported Amherst Wire's trip. #CMANYC17 #GETWIRED


  1. Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Murray, Managing Editor Julie Shamgochian, Audience Engagement Editor Jayare Alvarado and Photography Editor Joshua Murray presented the panel "Let's Go Live: How to Use Facebook Live to Campus News." They discussed everything from best practices, Facebook Live trends, how to engage your audience and the tools of the trade.
  2. Shout-out to social journalism Professor Dale Blasingame for his webinar, "Facebook Live for Journalists and Publishers," which helped Amherst Wire get started on Facebook Live.
  3. For those who were unable to attend the panel, you can find a Facebook Live resource page compiled by Amherst Wire editors on the link posted in Professor Roche's tweet below.
  4. After the Facebook Live presentation, Amherst Wire editors attended the keynote speaker presentation, "Winning the Media Life: Working, Living, Leading," led by journalists Ann Shoket and Joanne Lipman. There were many other interesting panels held, including "Build Trust, Build Audience, Build Careers," "Hey Editors! Think You Know Your Staff? Use Assessment to Find Out," "You're Doing It Wrong: The Art of Networking and Interviewing" and "Leadership on Fire."
  5. The team was also able to catch up with UMass Journalism alumni in New York City. Nia Decaille and Dan Peltier met with Amherst Wire editors over dinner to talk about post-grad life and offer their career tips.
  6. The following day, Amherst Wire visited The New York Times. They spoke with UMass Journalism alum Eric Athas.
  7. Amherst Wire meets the @nytimes. Thank you to @umassjournalism alumnus @ericathas for the opportunity! Slide left to see more. (📸: @sinisterseagull) #cmanyc17 #newyorktimes #umass #nyc
    Amherst Wire meets the @nytimes. Thank you to @umassjournalism alumnus @ericathas for the opportunity! Slide left to see more. (📸: @sinisterseagull) #cmanyc17 #newyorktimes #umass #nyc
  8. They even met The New York Times Chairman, Arthur Sulzberger Jr.!
  9. To end the conference, Amherst Wire received an Apple Award for Best Homepage. UMass Journalism could not be any prouder! Thank you, Amherst Wire, for all your hard work and dedication. You make UMass Journalism look so good!
  10. And a big thank you to Professor Roche for all she does for Amherst Wire. Your support means so much to everyone at UMass Journalism.