Tips for Smooth Moving Along With Aged Parents


  1. Moving is as much challenging as much it sounds exciting. It’s never convenient to travel a long distance when you have to ensure safety of all of the household items during the transit. It becomes even more challenging when you are accompanied by senior ones in your home. Senior parents are usually emotionally and physically weaker beings, so making the travelling a convenient process for them should be your utmost priority.
  2. Here are some ideas to make the moving process easier for your elder loved ones.
  3. Respond to their calls
    The idea of leaving a home where you have spent a major part of your life can cause emotional distress. This applies more to the elder ones at your home. They would have spent their entire lives in the home from where they are going to move to a new place. Therefore, ensure that you are responding well to their calls and respecting their choices. Give them some time to deal with the grievance and assure them that you are there to help in any way they want. They will probably forget about grieving for leaving their favorite place and be happy that they have got you.
  4. Get their advice in planning
    Give them a visualization of the new home and ask them to help in planning the arrangement of that place. Ask them how they would like their rooms to be arranged. Try to get their ideas about designing the living area. If you are able to design your new home in a way they are accustomed to, they will certainly not be in distress for very long.
  5. Ask your close relatives to help
    Your sibling and much closed relatives are the ones also loved by your elder parents. So, it’s a good idea to ask them to take a few days off and help you in moving. Your elder loved ones, upon finding themselves surrounded by the ones love, will be even happier. Ask your siblings to bring their children along with them.
  6. Organize the move
    Downsizing is the major aspect of moving. You might have to sell or donate a lot of household items before the moving day. Nevertheless,you cannot apply the same formula with the items that belong to your elder loved ones. There is a mighty chance that they would develop emotional association with some of their items you might deem unnecessary. Therefore, ask them about everything nicely and request them with utmost respect to sell or donate the items they don’t give much value to.
  7. Furthermore, it’s your job to ensure that their items remain unhurt during the transit. Make sure that their items are cushioned and secured well in sturdy cardboard boxes.
  8. Make necessary repairs
    It’s a general instruction for everyone, moving from one house to another, to make necessary repairs. Whether you are going to sell your house, give it on rent or leaving for relatives, make sure it is in perfect shape and condition.
  9. How do I Make Moving Less Stressful for My Elderly Parents?