Social Media & Casey Anthony

The mysterious disappearance of Caylee Anthony and events that followed lead up to Florida prosecutors charging her mother with murder. The case has become an obsession for viewers who have the ability to follow closely with iPhone apps, Twitter hashtags and Facebook pages all dedicated to the case. The below story shows just how social media is impacting the case of Florida vs. Casey


  1. TIME magazine dedicated the below article to this subject. Author John Cloud pointed out has given the audience the ability to voice any and all opinions they have on the case. "If it's true that Facebook and Twitter provide forums for a rich abundance of perspectives, the Casey Anthony trial shows they can also be arenas for mass, lip-licking bloodlust," Cloud said.

  2. The live stream of the trial is available on several websites, including the Orlando Sentinel.
  3. One of the several Twitter accounts dedicated to this case, CFNews13Casey tweets every notable occurrence in the courtroom each and every day of this trial.
  4. One of the two apps dedicated to this case, customers can purchase it directly on iTunes for 99 cents.
  5. OprahWinfreyNet provided the below tweet, reaching out to her audience, many of whom are mothers and likely grandmothers. Using Twitter, their opinions regarding this case actually are heard.

  6. The Role of Social Media in Casey Anthony's Trial
  7. Anderson Cooper was also reaching out to his audience, and gave a cryptic and accurate description of the environment in the courtroom on June 29, 2011. Below the tweet is a snippet of George Anthony on the stand.
  8. Casey Anthony's Father Breaks Down on the Stand
  9. Despite everyone's opinions and what actually happened on the day that Caylee disappeared, the important goal of the trial is to get to the bottom of the truth. Caylee Marie Anthony was found in the woods 6 months after her disappearance. It is time to give her justice.
  10. Woods Where Caylee Anthony was Found
    Woods Where Caylee Anthony was Found
  11. Press release on Casey Anthony trial gets top spot in Google ...
    Press release on Casey Anthony trial gets top spot in Google ...