Apple to unveil iCloud at WWDC June 6

In the past, Apple's annual Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) has been the stage for the introduction of their new and hottest products, most notably the iPhone. However this year's WWDC (scheduled for June 6), will most likely not introduce any hardware at all. Perhaps that is why they chose to send out their press release on May 31: to build up anticipation for the software.


  1. Below is the new logo for the upcoming music streaming service from Apple, iCloud.
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  3. Apple's Press Release for WWDC (a rarity to release early) is outlined in the video below. The keynote, held Monday June 6, is set to announce software only, and no new hardware.
  4. Apple Keynote ANNOUNCED! iOS 5, OS X Lion, iCloud CONFIRMED!
  5. Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs, who is currently on sick leave, will still give the keynote address on June 6.
  6. Another new software release, OSX Lion, will be Apple's new operating system for their computers. It will be an upgrade from their current system, Snow Leopard.
  7. For Apple to release the exact software they will be announcing is quite rare, but also very exciting. Unfortunately, the keynote will not be video streamed live, however all the updates will be posted on Apple's homepage (, shortly after the event.
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