Judy Ecker Budreau

Michael Lee

He is a sci-fi fan, Minnesotan, Enterprise http://t.co/vjnYDTvXqm developer. Volunteer for @worldcon75 & @convergencecon & more. Opinions are only his.

Laura Yuen

Metro reporter for @MPRNews.

Marie Janssen

I make software, research robotics, and play games. I tweet about general tech, Debian GNU/Linux, programming, running and other random things.

Kristian Mehandzhiys

christian crumlish

product and ux. advisor to mainstreets, makers of favr - https://t.co/pw3gh69EfX - leaps tall buildings if given a running start

Bob Breck

Director of Membership at @MPR. Audience Developer and Marketer for museums, zoos, arts & nonprofit organizations. Opinions mine, and not actually true, mostly.

Bitter Minnesota

Craft Beer Tasting and Brewery Tour Experience. Founded in 2014.

Melanie Coulson

Pub media fundraising thinker and doer. Realist with optimistic tendencies. Old wife, newish mum. #GreaterPublic

Appco Group Asia Reviews

Appco provide smarter service for clients

Scott Schmitt

Digital Fellow at Organizing for Action. Owner, Schmittyapolis Advertising & Graphic Design. Husband. Dog lover. Volunteer. WW2 buff. Weather geek. Documentary junkie. http://t.co/9w7kVGIoAA If you are a WW2 museum looking for someone to run your event marketing/fundraising I'd love to talk with you!

Sheila Regan

Freelance Writer and Theatre Artist

Dana Menard

Posts are my opinion and are not a recommendation, solicitation, or to be construed to provide tax, legal, or any other advice.

Tom Teuber

Practiced radio guy. Social Media Apprentice. Continuously curious. Lover of Cheesetopia.

Nicole V. Rohr

#cmgr & interactive content editor/producer at @WYCC. runner. vegetarian. #pubmedia person. 1/4 lebanese 3/4 terrible cook. (my own opinions)