White House, Silicon Valley, or Wall Street? Your Outfit Tells the Answer.

Suit and tie, black and white, these seen to be the dress code of the White House. The symbolic meaning of your outfit is always being interpreted by the surroundings, especially true if you are running for the President of the United States.


  1. Caring about the outfit could earn your impressions of being credible, but over obsessed about dressing could mess up public perceptions as well. Michelle Obama once sparked controversies because of a red dress she wore to a meaningful occasion..
  2. Jump out from the White House, Silicon Valley has developed its unique dress code as well. The golden rule for dressing like a techie is real simple: Same outfit, Monday to Friday. Thinking about what outfit to put on is considered to be time-wasting for Steve Jobs
  3. This Silicon Valley dress code applies to Zuckerberg as well.
  4. Indeed, the Valley casual look he had on the IPO roadshow day of Facebook, did not meet the "suit & tie "expectation of the Wall Street.
  5. Briefly warp it up: Make sure to suit and tie if you are going for a business trip to New York, and bring t-shirt and blue jeans with you in case you stop by Silicon Valley to meet your engineer team. Running for the next President of the United States? Low-key is the key.