"Kids On Speed" - ABC, please mention diet

There's a wealth of information on links between ADHD symptoms and diet, and yet the approach taken by the Australian ABCTV show "Kids On Speed" ignores it. (Includes chat with Producer.)

  1. The Food Intolerance Network (also known as Fed Up), in conjunction with many dieticians, pharmacists, biomedical practitioners, parents, and other medical professionals believe that children with symptoms like those shown on the program should go through an elimination diet prior to medication. 

    Many people have found dramatic success using an elimination diet such as the one offered by Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, and have then found a new way of eating to maintain optimum health. However, whilst many families find all the improvements they need in one diet (such as the FAILSAFE diet, or GAPS diet) and others include additional supplements to optimise health, this is very much done on an individual case by case basis using trial and error. 

    Many families using dietary intervention to control ADHD (and other behavioural disorders) due to intolerance of both artificial and natural chemicals have questioned why their children react poorly to food chemicals, thinking: “We should be able to eat apples”.  They found that using biomedicine which assesses body chemistry imbalances to bring nutrients and minerals up to optimal levels, and healing damaged guts, gave results that are nothing short of amazing (thanks Chris Cormack).

    There is clearly much research still to be done to better understand the affect of food chemicals (natural and artificial chemicals) on brain function. It is important to make this knowledge mainstream.

    Despite existing evidence, this show did not mention diet and its role in addressing children with ADHD symptoms. So many of us are disappointed that ABC TV did not take this opportunity to include dietary intervention, so that medication is only used after diet has been eliminated as a cause. In the show's introduction, it is said of the experts that "they'll consider every option" but diet was not mentioned (at least by end of episode two). 

    We believe that many families watching the show would benefit from this information and would like ABC to mention during their final episode that many families have benefitted from dietary changes.

    The "Kids On Speed" show is a three part series shown on Australian ABCTV during February 2014. It is available on iView here:  http://www.abc.net.au/iview/#/view/81408078&nbsp ;
  2. After the first two episodes, many parents who have first hand experience seeing how dietary changes have benefited their children expressed their frustration that diet wasn't mentioned. 
  3. Kathryn, one of the mums on the show, tried the elimination diet but unfortunately it didn't help her son Corey. She does say that she thinks the elimination diet needs to be done:

  4. Many, many people watching the show told ABCTV that diet was important and should have been included as part of the show to educate other parents on the same path. 
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