Sixers fans are raising cats to celebrate winning

A new, interesting tradition has been created every time the Philadelphia 76ers win. Fans of the team -- and even players -- raise their feline creatures when the team wins a game.


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  2. When sports teams win, fans tend to go crazy. But Philadelphia 76ers fans just get downright weird. Sixers fan @GipperGrove on Twitter was determined to pick up his cat, and after one night that the Sixers had a win, he did his best.
  3. The raising of the cat was somewhat inspried by Ben Simmons (a rookie for the Philadelphia 76ers) and his love of cats. Simmons has adopted several since being drafted by the Sixers in June of 2016.
  4. The movement caught on, and fans started to raise their own cats along with @GipperGrove.
  5. Memes were made, of course.
  6. The movement caught so much fire that some bigger names started to catch notice. Most notably, Simmons himself lifted his cats in the air.
  7. Comcast Sports Network even drew up a graphics of Simmons raising his cats as if he were in The Lion King.
  8. Simmons' teammate, Nerlens Noel, also Tweeted about the movment.
  9. So did team CEO Scott O'Neil.
  10. And finally, the Philadlephia Zoo also Tweeted about it.