President Trump gets traditional Philly welcome

Donald Trump was greeted by an intense crowd of protesters on Thursday, January 26th when he appeared in Philadlephia, PA.


  1. Newly inagurated United States President Donald Trump made one of his first visits to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- the city where this country got its start -- for the GOP Retreat. Philadelphians were sure to give president Trump a warm Philly welcome, in the form of protests.
  2. Philadelphians are known for being bold about their opinions, and known for being quick to let you know if they don't like you. They showed that to Trump. It shouldn't have been a huge surprise, considering that it's been since the mid-1900s since the city had a mayor that wasn't a republican.
  3. Thousand of people lined up around city hall to stop traffic and let Trump know that they weren't happy with many things that he's done and said.
  4. The protesters started at Rittenhouse square, just about five blocks from City Hall, and marched towards City Hall, which would become the epicenter of their demonstration.
  5. Protesters Fill Philadelphia Streets As President Donald Trump Addresses GOP | NBC News
  6. Protesters made signs that both resisted the Trump presidency and promoted causes.
  7. Graffiti was also put on some nearby landmarks and buildings. The "bridges not walls," is a reference to the wall Trump wants to build on the border of the United States and Mexico, and "American was never great," is a knock on Trump's campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again."
  8. All in all, it was a memorable day for the Philadelphians who participated, and certainly not exactly the welcome Trump was looking for. There were some great signs such as "This Jawn is Outta Pocket," (Philadelphia slang for "Trump and his cabinet is acting in a way that they shouldn't") and "Keep Your Tiny Hands off My Health Care"
  9. The protest went well into the night as people blocked off most streets around and near City Hall.
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  11. This wasn't the only news of Trump's visit to the city, though. Trump emphatically claimed during the GOP Retreat that the murder rate in Philadelphia has been increasing, but that claim was not true. The Huffington Post detailed just what the murder rate actually looks like in Philadlephia over the last several years.
  12. All in all, it was an interesting first visit for the new president, and one that may foreshadow his approval rating moving forward.