1. The Globe and Mail has issued an apology after new allegations of plagiarism were made against columnist Margaret Wente.
  2. As we did in 2012—when another set of plagiarism allegations were levelled against the controversial writer—J-Source has rounded up some of the most recent coverage. We will continue to update this post as the story develops.
  3. If you need a refresher, however, the Ryerson Review of Journalism's 2013 story "Willfully Blind" recounts how the allegations were first brought to light by Media Culpa blogger Carol Wainio.
  4. Once again, it was Wainio who found another example, this time in an Apr. 23 column, "The Great Global Greening is happening now."
  5. On Apr. 24, BuzzFeed Canada followed up with a story detailing Waino's allegations, as well as another incident uncovered by New York University professor Charles Seife, who found it after being contacted by BuzzFeed for comment about the story.
  6. On Apr. 25, Globe public editor Sylvia Stead published her response, confirming both incidents.
  7. In response to a J-Source request for a follow-up interview, Stead said she would let her blog stand for itself. Neither David Walmsley, the Globe and Mail's editor-in-chief, nor Wente, has yet to respond to J-Source's interview requests.
  8. Shortly after, BuzzFeed Canada updated its story.
  9. Update Apr. 26, 1:00 p.m.: Three more incidents of alleged plagiarism were uncovered during the evening of Apr. 25.
  10. BuzzFeed Canada broke news about a Wente column that appears to be patch-written based on a New York Times Magazine book review and a 2013 TED Talk.
  11. Canadaland also found two columns—one from March, the other from April—that contain passages similar or nearly identical to those found in several other news articles.
  12. The Globe and Mail also issued its correction in print—though, as CBC Metro Morning host Matt Galloway pointed out, it did not refer to Wente by name.
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