Two bomb threats received at BCC

Police received two bomb threats Wednesday, Oct. 24, at Bristol Community College in Fall River, Mass. The campus was shut down for hours as authorities, police and investigators searched buildings. Reaction to it on Twitter and Facebook was a mix of concern, frustration and stress relief.

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  1. BCC Fall River Bomb Threat has been expanded from Noon to 4pm. How safe does that make me feel about my 4pm class? :-\
  2. Debating whether or not I should go back to BCC at 12:30.
  3. so i guess it was a bomb threat at bcc today .... plus side my midterm got canceled till nov 5th woop woop!
  4. Omg will everyone shut up about the bomb threat at bcc its all I see in my news feed like come on guys haven't we been dealing with fake bomb threats since elementary school ?!?!?! Smh
  5. BCC evacuated until 12? this week keeps getting better and better. I can only imagine what tomorrow has in store.