1. A Facebook page called "Fall River Hooters" that displayed naked photos of girls and boys quickly gained a following Wednesday night -- and then quickly attracted the attention of authorities and Facebook censors.
  2. The page, which changed its name to "River Hooters," was created Wednesday. The page's owner promised followers of the page that naked pictures of girls would be exposed.
  3. While the webpage is no longer available on Facebook, The Herald News was able to grab some screen shots of the page while it was up. This quote is from a post on the page, around 4 p.m. Wednesday: "Getting started Ina few stay tuned to see what this page brings !  REAL ENTERTAINMENT"
  4. The page quickly gathered many followers, and chatter about it on Twitter attracted more.
  5. Eventually, news of the page reached Fall River Mayor Will Flanagan and the Fall River Police Department, which launched an investigation, asked for the public's help and offered Internet safety tips for children.
  6. Public school officials are using the incident to try and teach students, and their parents, about social media and the ramifications of improper behavior while using it.