1. With less than two weeks to go until election day for the 6th Bristol Rep. race, opponents Carole Fiola, Democrat, and David Steinhof, Republican, are reaching out to Fall River and Freetown voters any way they can. One way will be Thursday night's forum at Bristol Community College.
  2. Fiola and Steinhof are also very active on social media. Following them on Twitter and Facebook is a good way to stay in touch with the candidates and their takes on issues.
  3. On Monday, Fiola announced her "Five Point Plan" on Facebook.
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  5. This followed an announcement on Twitter and YouTube from Steinhof about his new radio ad.
  6. Their social media posts are also garnering attention from supporters and detractors. 
  7. You can follow Steinhof and/or Fiola on social media by clicking on any of their Facebook, Twitter or YouTube links. Here are some more samples of their digital campaign trails:
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