Justin Reads The #notmydebt Centrelink Senate Inquiry Report: Part 5

In this edition of Too Long; Justin Read, Justin reads the Coalition Senators' dissenting report.


  1. Prepare For Grumpiness

  2. It's fair to say I was expecting to be more annoyed by the dissenting report than I ended up being. There just wasn't a lot of there there.
  3. The Ombudsman Report

  4. This other report occupied way more of this dissenting report than it should have. It's like the Senators ignored the whole inquiry process. That's pretty insulting to all the people who bothered to show up or made submissions.
  5. The quotes from the Ombudsman's report are very selective. It's super-obvious, too.
  6. See? I told you they had a weird fascination with the Ombudsman's report.
  7. It wasn't even a positive report!