Justin Reads The #notmydebt Centrelink Senate Inquiry Report: Part 1

In this episode of Too Long; Justin Read, Justin reads the first two chapters of the Senate Inquiry into the Online Compliance Intervention.


  1. After waiting most of the day, the report was finally tabled around 8pm.
  2. The report itself can be found here if you want to read the source text.
  3. This right here is at the heart of the matter: individual citizens, many of them vulnerable people. They're receiving welfare payments! Not the supplementary Family Tax Benefits ones, the ones designed to help them get a job, like Newstart. The work that used to be done by a government agency has been foisted onto the general public.
  4. This approach is what has made Facebook and Twitter so mercifully free of Nazis.
  5. Shoutout to #notmydebt which has been a catalyst and gathering point for a bunch of people directly affected by this system, or who are appalled at the brokenness and want it fixed. (As I do.)
  6. "all aspects of the OCI program have had a profoundly negative impact on the lives of thousands of Australians."
  7. You'd think that would be a cause for concern.
  8. Chapter 2: Data Matching