A Social Sun Valley Vacation

Mrs. Sun rummaged through the world of social media to bring you some snapshots of real #SunValley vacations.

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  1. That first glimpse of Sun Valley is worthy of recording, as Amy Marvin from Kalamazoo, Michigan, did when she arrived in town Monday:
  2. Sun Valley often lives up to its name, as Roni Maugeri from Malibu clearly appreciated when he posted this perfect weather report for his Sun Valley vacation on twitter.
  3. So, now you're here and the weather is great. What's next? How about some golf? As Danielle Sanchez from San Diego discovered this weekend, there's 45 holes and three distinctly different courses to chose from.
  4. A morning dip in an Olympic-sized pool was the perfect start to the day for Jack Davis from Los Angeles and Becca Gearig from South Jordan, who took her pint-sized buddies along for some silly fun in the sun.
  5. If you prefer your water in a more solid form, a spin on Sun Valley's outdoor ice-rink is a must-do. The Matsiko Childrens Choir (orphaned and at-risk children from Liberia and Peru who tour the US for International Childrens Network) had spills and thrills when they took to the ice.
  6. And for those who'd rather watch, the fabulous Johnny Weir dazzled at last weekend's Sun Valley on Ice show, and Evan Lysacek and Brian Boitano are still to come.
  7. Time to catch-up with the local wildlife, Chris Campfield and his daughter spent some time with the famous Sun Valley swans - watch out, they bite!
  8. Caitlin Deasy from New York City opted for some gentler creatures, in the form of the residents of Sun Valley Meadows. The brave could even take them on a trail ride up Dollar Mountain...
  9. If four legs are not to your taste, how about hopping on two wheels a la Jack Davis from Los Angeles and Melody Parry Jones of Arlington, Virginia? From the bike path to Baldy, there's plenty of fun to be had biking Sun Valley.
  10. After an afternoon of strenuous activity, relaxing with the sounds of the symphony was definitely this month's most popular way to wind down during a Sun Valley vacation.