Best in Sacramento journalism - Sept. 11 to Sept. 17

Each week, I curate the best stories in the Sacramento news scene. The stories are chosen based on a combination of originality, storytelling, difficulty, importance, depth, proximity and heart.


  1. 10. "Paper cuts" by Lovelle Harris (@luvharris) for the Sacramento News & Review

  2. 9. "Where Northern CA counties spent their post 9/11 anti-terrorism money" by Suzanne Phan (@SuzannePhan) and California Watch for KXTV ABC Channel 10

  3. 8. "Despite fines, illegal gold mining persists in El Dorado County" by Susanne Rust (@srustCW) for California Watch

  4. 7. "Head games" by Hugh Biggar for the Sacramento News & Review

  5. 6. "Misplaced recording sets defendants free in Sacramento drug case" by Denny Walsh for The Sacramento Bee

  6. 5. "Grieving parents outraged over order to pay doctor's defense costs" by Andy Furillo (@andyfurillo) for The Sacramento Bee

  7. 4. "Housing bust hit blacks, Latinos hardest" by Phillip Reese and Stephen Magagnini (@SteveMagagnini) for The Sacramento Bee

  8. 3. "Post-9/11 rescue effort transformed Sacramento-area firefighter" by Cynthia Hubert (@Cynthia_Hubert) for The Sacramento Bee

  9. 2. "The House Of Dream Chasers" by S.L. Price for Sports Illustrated

  10. 1. "Teen Lovers' Deadly Pact" by Jim Avila (@JimAvilaABC) by for 20/20, with footage from KXTV ABC Channel 5 and an interview with Peter Hecht (@phecht_sacbee) of The Sacramento Bee