10 tips for journalists using #WhatsAppForWeb

It's been a long time coming, but WhatsApp has finally launched its web service. On Twitter today, BBC app editor Trushar Barot shared some tips for journalists using the platform.


  1. WhatsApp's Chrome browser extension, announced on its blog yesterday, allows users to sync their phone with the web client simply by scanning a QR code.

    The BBC is just one of many news outlets experimenting with WhatsApp as a way to gather news and disseminate reports, as covered by Journalism.co.uk.
  2. The Oxford Mail also recently announce that its own WhatsApp service, which provides a morning news bulletin, had gained 1,200 users just six months after its launch.
  3. This morning on Twitter, BBC apps editor Trushar Barot shared some of his first thoughts on WhatsApp's web service.
  4. The inability to create or edit WhatsApp groups or lists via the web may pose an issue for journalists, as this is a key way for broadcasting information.
  5. However, Barot did note some plus points...
  6. By the sounds of it, WhatsApp's web service will serve as a good addition to its app but won't be able to function without it – yet.
  7. However, according to Barot WhatsApp still has one up over other chat apps the BBC has used.
  8. We'll be updating this Storify with more tips from Barot as they are posted.
  9. Meanwhile, you can listen to a Journalism.co.uk podcast featuring Barot, plus Buzzfeed's UK editor Luke Lewis on how newsrooms are using WhatsApp to engage audiences and report news.