Austin Startup Digest for March 23, 2015 - SXSW Edition

Curated by Joshua Baer @joshuabaer


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  6. This week I'll be meeting the new Techstars Austin cohort. It's always exciting - most of them just moved to Austin and are gearing up for an intense 3 months. As usual, I'll be lobbying for each of them to stay in Austin after Techstars!
  7. Next week is the U.S.-China Investment Summit and Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker. I'm very interested in the Austin-China connection and will be attending as much of the event as I can. My next trip to China will be in June as part of an Eisenhower Fellowship and I'm looking for introductions to great entrepreneurs, investors and innovators that I can meet while I'm there.
  8. Next week is also the Google for Entrepreneur's Demo Day in Silicon Valley where Sara Rodell from Loop & Tie will be representing Austin along with startups from other Google Tech Hubs around North America. While we're out there, we're bringing along 20 other Austin startups who are looking for Series A funding and making intros to Silicon Valley VC's. If you know any VC's that are tired of inflated valuations (and egos) in Silicon Valley, introduce us and I'll connect them with some great Austin companies with strong teams and customer traction.
  9. SXSW Recap

  10. SXSW 2015 is a wrap! It was an incredible week for me and I hope it was for you too. This didn't feel like the craziest or biggest SXSW ever, but every minute was jam-packed with goodness.

    I feel like I fully maximized my time... here are my highlights:
    THURSDAY Startup Crawl!
    FRIDAY Secretary of Commerce Pritzker, Capital Factory Demo Day
    SATURDAY USPTO Michelle Lee, Rand Paul one-on-one, dinner with Josh Dilworth & Co
    SUNDAY Irish Prime Minister, Email happy hour, Trilogy happy hour, Capital Factory VIP Dinner
    MONDAY Startup Communities panel, Epic Office Hours
    TUESDAY Open Coffee, Stephen Wolfram one-on-one