1. The wizard lied and claimed he never said "creationism," or "Nearly 2,000 years ago someone died on a Cross for us, shouldn't we have the courage to stand up for Him." The scribes—reporters from the York Daily Record—had to testify. Also there was videotape of him saying "creationism." The judge referred the evil wizard's testimony to the federal prosecutor for a perjury investigation.
  2. Yes, it was the evil wizard who bought them, hamfistedly laundering the money first.
  3. How much did he lie? Again, the judge asked the federal prosecutor to investigate him for perjury.
  4. The New Yorker reporter in the courtroom called it "the biology class you wish you could have taken."
  5. One of their witnesses said that ID creationism needed a form of academic affirmative action to give it a leg up, and that it was a form of creationism. More than one acknowledged that to treat IDC as science would require redefining science (one likened it to astrology).
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