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Practiced in the art of buying and selling fried chicken worldwide.Spent childhood working with wooden tops in the UK.Spent the 80's consulting about sock monkeys with no outside help. Spent several years short selling puppets in Gainesville, FL. Gifted in implementing wooden horses in Tampa, FL. In 2009 I was developing strategies for cellos in Africa.

Sebastian Leck

Student @WesternUMMJC, @queensjournal alum. Previously worked @WhigStandard and @globeandmail. Politics and history are my jam.


Online Marketing Solution including SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Worpdress Themes and Plugins.

Gillian Wong / 黄敬龄

@AP's greater China news director. Based in Beijing. Ex-@WSJ tech reporter.


I love cats. I had a cat when I was a child. He was mostly red with white paws and the tip of his tails was white and he was dead cute and he lived to be 14 years old which is quite old for a cat. I don't know. I just understand cats and I think they understand me. I love them.



feminist female

User researcher at an amazing place, photographer, digital anthropologist, and game designer. @ITP_NYU, @codeliberation, co-creator @facetscon. Views are my own

RJ King

Web designer at BurstSocial design studio. On Storify to get updates from universities, news outlets, and tech companies. I currently have no plans to write my own stories.

Oscar Del Ben

Billy Wimsatt

Author / editor of six books including: Please Don't Bomb the Suburbs.

Ayesha Nasir

bearing witness.

Sarah Harvard

I am a journalist. Intern now. I've been published places. To my parents disappointment, I'm not a doctor. Opinions are mine. No one elses.