CITSEE Symposium Varieties of Citizenship in South East Europe

The CITSEE project held a symposium on June 6 and 7 2013, with papers drawing on the various CITSEE clusters and two roundtables


  1. Before the symposium the team gathers in Edinburgh
  2. In addtion to the Edinburgh based CITSEE team, and wider members of the CITSEE community based in many different universities, we also brought together  other colleagues with interest in our work based at the University Edinburgh along with colleagues from elsewhere in the UK and Europe, who have an expertise in citizenship studies and South East European studies
  3. First panel from the governance cluster: Jelena  Džankić of the EUI, Simonida Kacarska of the University of Leeds, and Paul Stubbs and Siniša Zrinščak from Zagreb
  4. The second governance panel concentrated on education, with  Nataša Pantić (Edinburgh) and Azra Hromadžić (Syracuse) - interesting to see the different perspectives from a broader view of education policies across the post-YU states of SEE, to a focus on just one school in Mostar (BiH)
  5. The governance panels were followed by a roundtable, with the main contributions from Andrew Geddes (Sheffield) and Sotiria Grek (Edinburgh)
  6. Second cluster up: minorities and migration in post-YU states, first with a panel on Refugees, returnees & Roma with papers by Biljana Đorđević (Belgrade), Viktor Koska (Zagreb) and Julija Sardelić (Edinburgh), discussed by Peter Vermeersch (KU Leuven)