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Arriva bus complaint

After a bus driver ignored my waving arm, I decided to test what Arriva buses would do to win back my heart.


  1. Original letter of complaint sent to Arriva buses website.


    Now clearly my expectations of the service you provide was never going to be high. In truth I sometimes wonder where you find your drivers. From the rude to the reckless I've had some awful journeys, but today really took the biscuit.


    After a hard day at work, I waved my arm clearly to your bus driver to stop. Instead, the half-wit (who made eye contact with me) drove straight past. I then had to wait for 30 minutes for another bus, resulting in a cold dinner and an angry girlfriend.


    The truth is, I pay each week and don't mind if you're late, if I have to stand or if the driving scares me. But when my custom is ignored, it really grinds my gears.


    If I had service as bad in a restaurant I wouldn't return, but I'm willing to give you another chance, Arriva. Not only because I have no other choice or way in to work, but because I feel you have the capacity to change, one day.


    As a gesture of good will, in appreciation of my commitment and patience with your service I would like you to consider the following:


    Either a free weekly saver and a bunch of flowers for the livid girlfriend. (She was fuming)




    Vouchers for an M&S meal for two deal to make up for my cold dinner. (Will also cheer the girlfriend up a bit)


    The decision is yours Arriva, don't be a cruel harlot forever. I deserve so much more.


    Kindest Regards






    Arriva's Response:




    Hello Joshua,


    This is an email to confirm the outcome of the complaint you made.

    I can confirm that the depot will view the CCTV and the driver will be seen under the company conduct procedure. This can be anything from retraining to dismissal.


    If you have any further comments or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email at or by telephone on 0844 800 44 11.








    My Reply:





    I am somewhat disappointed with the outcome. I respect the decision but remain a little sad inside that you didn't respond to my original requests.


    Obviously in the current economic climate you can't be giving away free weekly saver tickets. So instead my request is simple and free. All it would take is two minutes and would prove you care. 


    Please could you send me a hand-drawn picture of a cat wearing a vest and shorts, holding a tennis racket, with a sweatband around his head. 


    If you agree to my request, all will be forgotten and I may even learn to love you again, eventually. 


    Many thanks 









    The Outcome:


    Hi Josh,


    Please see the attached image.

    I hope it is to your satisfaction.