Oslo explosion

Gathered information of the explosion in Oslo. I've brought the most important content to the top while everything else is chronological. Scroll down and hit 'read more' to get full videos, photos and analysis of the events.


  1. Sky News Break report first at 2:40 GMT
  2. Update at 4:50 GMT showing the area affected:
  3. UPDATE 5:00 PM GMT: 

    A huge thanks to @larsiusprime for translating for me.

    Police say at press conference 15 confirmed injured. 2 confirmed dead.

    They're also urging the public to avoid large groups.

    They're saying it's too early to speculate about motive...

    Telling people to avoid large groups, stay home, get out of Oslo center, all buildings have been secured.

    Also warning people not to "overdramatize" but that all emergency personel are there and they're working as hard as they can.

    Police are NOT confiming that it was a car bomb, ARE saying it was "one or more bombs",

    Police wrap up at 5:15 GMT, saying that they will have another conference in an hour or so when they can confirm more things.

  4. A video from the ground in Oslo, broken glass everywhere.
  5. More on that shooting in Otoya:
  6. The Guardian report that: 

    "A man disguised as a police officer began shooting where prime minister Jens Stoltenberg was attending a Labour party conference at Utoya, Stoltenberg has just confirmed.

    He said there is a 'critical and serious situation' where he is (but he is safe).

    He was speaking on the phone to Norwegian TV station TV2"

  7. Offices of Norways biggest newspaper, VG.
  8. yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/klldlibj Shared by VGanders
    yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/klldlibj Shared by VGanders
  9. Aerial shot of Oslo

  10. yfrog Photo : http://yfrog.com/kinyqpej Shared by geirolav
    yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/kinyqpej Shared by geirolav
  11. A crowd gathers as the blast area is blocked off (photo by @chaglen)
  12. Another short video
  13. Dagbladet have some better, full size photos that they've posted. They're also saying that several car bombs went off simultaneously, though this isn't being reported elsewhere yet.
  14. and also: